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Radivit Acceleratore per compost da 1 kg

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Neudorff – Radivit Compost Accelerator 1 kg

  • Composting resource for all forms of composting
  • Compost contains many important bacterial and fungal cultures
  • nutrients added microorganisms serve as a nutrient medium easily digestible
  • Warning: Do not use in combination with compost worms!

Soil additive prepared using animal by-products, fermentation residues, of vegetable origin, vegetable matter and microorganisms that live in the house and garden

  • allows a quick and optimal composting of garden waste and kitchen, and the tree and grass cutting
  • particularly suitable for composting in Thermo composter, as many weed seeds and unwanted germs are destroyed from the first heated stage
  • ideal for the zone of fall of composting leaves
  • very productive: 1 kg is sufficient for about 2 m3 of green waste and 30 m²
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